Building a Brand Ethos from Scratch.

How Sweetgreen uses their food ethos to guide their decisions.

A woman with a sweetgreen shirt holding a salad bowlSweetgreen is a fast-casual restaurant chain that doesn’t just have strong brand values—they have an entire food ethos that guides their brand and operational decisions.

Their ethos boils down to this: changing what it means to be in the business of feeding people. With that in mind, they can put their purpose before profit, by using real ingredients from local farmers. It’s why they put those farmers’ names on the walls of their restaurants. And why their menu is dictated by those local ingredients.

Sweetgreen is also active in their communities. They provide healthy food educational programs at local schools and throw a festival every year focused on wellness—all laddering up to their ethos.

Almost every brand has brand values. But Sweetgreen proves that creating an ethos can make a brand even more believable.