Helping Health Brands Stay Healthy.

Trumpet has been dedicated to clients in the public health sector for almost as long as our doors have been open. We love working with clients in this category because they have a clear and direct purpose — and we get to create messaging that defines and elevates their beliefs.

For Tobacco Free Living, we’ve created campaigns that helped inspire New Orleans to go smoke-free (and hopefully the rest of Louisiana to follow). For Tenet Health, we reached a goal of securing 4,000 heart screening appointments in four months of what was supposed to be a yearlong effort. More recently, we created the Nopiods website to prevent opioid use in Louisiana, a sensitive effort that was equally challenging and rewarding.

This month, we launched a website for Smoking Cessation Trust and a new campaign for Tobacco Free Living. We’re so excited about the work, we thought we’d share a little more about it below.

Tobacco Free Living

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living, our client since 2004, evaluates and implements tobacco control initiatives that can help Louisianans lead healthier lives. Through their “Healthier Air for All” initiative, they aim to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in public spaces and workplaces.

This year, Louisiana fell from 49th to dead last in US health rankings — and our laws allowing smoking in bars and casinos in much of the state aren’t helping. To spread the word about the need for a statewide “intervention” in the form of a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance to protect workers and patrons, we dreamed up a real-life intervention between Louisiana and some neighboring (and not-so-neighboring) states.

The message? No one is trying to kill Louisiana’s culture. Just trying to keep to keep the people and workers of Louisiana safe.

Smoking Cessation Trust

Smoking Cessation Trust came to fruition after a 2011 class action lawsuit settlement awarded the state a lump sum to distribute amongst Louisiana residents for smoking cessation services. Because of this, they needed to figure out the best way to alert Louisiana residents of these services that they likely didn’t even know they qualified for. Enter Trumpet.

They asked us to redesign their website in a way that would better inform potential members of their services, while removing obstacles in their journey towards signing up for the Trust. The result was a simplified, streamlined site that efficiently informs users about qualifications, resources and provider locations, while keeping the ‘Register’ button ever-present.

We’re proud to work with clients that are helping so many people in our home state of Louisiana. We’ll keep you posted on what we have in store with them in the future.