More Slack, Less Stress.

Edited — Credit Human’s mission is to help people create, build and maintain financial slack. Why? because Financial Stress is the leading cause of stress amongst Americans today. In fact, according to a recent survey, 73% of Americans rank their finances as the No. 1 stress in their lives.

Simply put, more slack = less stress.

The first step in building financial slack and relieving financial stress is finding out where you stand and where you should focus with regards to your financial health. Credit Human recently introduced a product that allows you to answer a few questions to learn exactly that.

Trumpet created a new campaign introducing the product to an audience seeking relief from the uncertainty of financial stress. Utilizing humor in order to lower the barrier for trial and talking about financial health in general, we positioned the quiz as a quick, simple solution to getting people started on the path to a better financial future. All in the name of the Mission that drives everything that Credit Human does and believes in as an organization.

When the work is purposeful, it resonates. At least Adage Seemed to think so…