Real Values—No Drama.

Netflix is on a mission to revolutionize organizational culture with real values.

At its core, Netflix company culture is about “people over process.” With generous benefits like unlimited holidays and an expense policy that simply requires people to act in Netflix’s best interests, it’s not surprising that 70% of employees on Glassdoor would recommend Netflix.

But there’s more to their affection than perks.

Netflix believes that great workplaces are not a product of sushi lunches, great gyms, table tennis and frequent parties.Rather organizational culture derived from dream teams in pursuit of ambitious common goals. They look for people with soft skills such as empathy and emotional intelligence to create a cast of extraordinary colleagues and highly effective collaborators.

The result is a more flexible, fun environment that encourages employees to be better versions of themselves. In many ways, the essence of Netflix company culture comes down to honesty, and a company built on tight-knit, performance-driven teams.

Bravo! Bravo!