Rebuilding a Website Starts with Redefining a Brand.

“We need a new website design.” That’s what our client, SBP, told us — and while they were certainly correct, what they needed, even more, was to find their voice.

By defining their brand, they’d have a foundation for not only the website project but for all of their diverse business efforts, from marketing to operations to product development. Together, we agreed to prioritize brand design. What started with friendly interrogation ended with a distilled narrative and audience segmentation behind which everything could align. And the results allowed SBP — a force in the disaster resilience and recovery category, a non-profit that behaves more like a Fortune 500 machine whose stories of accomplishment have been told by the New York Times, CNN and former Presidents — to finally articulate their place in the world. What they believe, what drives what they do and how they do it.

With brand design, narrative and segmentation established, next up was to create one website to cater simultaneously to nine user groups, ranging from victims of natural disaster to volunteers to individual and corporate supporters to FEMA. SBP’s clarified brand purpose (which we helped them define as “fortifying people against unnecessary suffering”) served as the point of alignment, streamlining the website content and outlining a way forward for marketing and operational investments to come.  We invite you to take a look.

SBP Website home page