The Beauty of Inclusivity.

Sephora isn’t just preaching inclusivity — they’re living it.

Sephora believes in championing all beauty, living with courage, and standing fearlessly together to celebrate our differences. Their newest campaign titled We Belong to Something Beautiful communicates that belief by centering on the idea that there’s no singular expression of beauty. Rather, it’s about building a community of representation and inclusivity — and helping people embrace the self-confidence to express their own beauty.

And it’s not just talk.

They’re backing up their belief by featuring personal stories from queer, transgender and non-binary customers. Even more, they’ve created the Classes for Confidence program, which offers free beauty lessons in a safe and welcoming environment for all gender expressions.A lot of brands are making diversity, representation and inclusivity more of a priority. But Sephora is taking the steps to make it the heart of everything they do.